The View From Cheyenne
Senator Dave Kinskey
Feb 29, 2024

In Cheyenne, the clock is not just ticking–it’s racing. Legislators are hunkered down, facing the monumental challenge of bridging a staggering $1 billion gap between the Senate and House budget proposals. In an unexpected twist, Senate President Driskill has made surprise appointments to its delegation on the Joint Conference Committee. How will this affect the negotiation dynamics? Are they the key to fostering collaboration, or will they add fuel to the fire of discord? Amidst this high-stakes bargaining, will the voices of the people be heard?

As for Property Tax relief, the journey has been anything but smooth. His bill, SF121, may have been sidelined, but its spirit lives on in SF54. Senator Kinskey explains the mechanics of this new proposal, who will benefit?  Will it alleviate the financial strain on homeowners who are most in need?  How are legislators balancing the implications of tax relief whilst retaining funding of essential services and programs across Wyoming?  Will the benefits outweigh the costs, or will it lead to significant trade-offs?

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