The View From Cheyenne
Representative Barry Crago
Feb 25, 2024

At the end of the second week of this year’s legislative session, HD40 Representative Barry Crago reports on the week’s House debates and action.  It’s been a busy and contentious week.    

There is a $900m discrepancy between House and Senate budgets.   Why are the two budgets so far apart?  How can the two chambers reconcile their differences? 

Property Tax Relief remains a major focus.   Representative Steve Harshman has proposed an innovative solution to ease the burden on homeowners by using sales tax to generate revenue in place of property taxes.  It’s an innovative idea that raises many questions.  The debate on the bill led to an especially heated debate in the House and a very close vote which narrowly pushed it forward to the next step.   What is the proposal and how does it work?  Does Representative Crago support this initiative and where does this leave the other property tax initiatives on the table?  Can homeowners remain positive about meaningful action?

For more details on Representative Crago’s property tax bill click here

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