A New Focus for JCSD#1?
Impact on Staff, Students & Parents?
April 22, 2024

JCSD#1 is poised for a transformation if its new draft Strategic Plan is adopted, marking a pivotal shift in the district’s culture.

Unlike the decade-old existing plan which heavily emphasized students, the new strategy broadens its focus to incorporate staff development and support.

Strategic plans should serve as an essential tool for aligning all stakeholders”staff, students, parents, and the community ”toward shared objectives, effectively acting as a blueprint for success. However, over 90% of organizations fail to implement their plans effectively.

What will be the implications of these changes of students and staff? How significant is this shift in direction for everyone involved? Supt. Auzqui explains and outlines what is needed for it to succeed.

The Road To Excellence?

Identifying the specific combination of ingredients that lead to higher levels of achievement and performance can be challenging. In February 2024, a group of twelve from JCSD#1 journeyed to schools in Thermopolis, Worland, and Powell to discover quite what it is that has those schools attaining enviable high performing status.

What strategies and practices did they discover that could be implemented or adapted at JCSD#1?
The enthusiasm and energy from the group, comprising school board members, teachers, and administrators, was palpable following their visit. Could their insights be the key to unlocking new levels of excellence within JCSD#1?

BHS Principal Gib Ostheimer, Dean of Students Chris Cox, Supt. Charles Auzqui, School Board Trustees Casey Rodriguez & Marcia Goddard, and Kasshan Mathson BHS School Counselor review their visit.