Open House about Richardson Park
Possible Sewer Extension
April 25th 2024

Handout Richardson Park 4:25:24

Note:  If you received a copy of the handout at the meeting it was missing Page 2.

Richardson Park is comprised of approximately 100 homes.  None are hooked to City sewer or water services.  County Planner Jim Waller is concerned that septic systems are aging out and the small lot sizes severely limit options for replacement.   

One solution could be extending City sewer up to the Richardson Park Subdivision boundary. 

Listen to the Open House hosted jointly by the City and County. The purpose was to explain the key issues and provide a Q&A session for property owners.

For more information:
Jim Waller
Johnson County GIS Manager/County Planner

Jeff Shelley, County Commissioner
307 684 7272

Scott Madsen, City Council 
307 684 5566