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Back Country Horse Packing
April 25, 2024

Horse backpacking offers unique advantages for exploring the most secluded and serene areas of Wyoming.  On horseback, you can travel further, stay out longer without sacrificing necessities, and keep the wilderness pristine.   Many riders have come to deeply treasure the experience, perspective, and companionship of extended horseback adventures.  

But horse packing is not as simple as just loading up your gear and heading out on the trail.  Taking time to understand proper techniques not only builds your confidence but also ensures a more enjoyable and less stressful adventure for both horse and rider. 

Whether you are a complete newcomer to horseback packing or have experience there is much to be gained from developing your skills and expertise.   

Cloud Peak Back Country Horsemen, a local group, is putting on a free clinic on Sat May 4th that provides hands-on guidance from experienced instructors whatever your level of expertise.

Listen and find out more about the clinic and the local chapter of Back Country Horsemen.

For more information about the clinic:
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