‘Safe Grounds’ Active Shooter Response
The Trainer’s Perspective
April 2024

Active shooter drills are a contentious topic.  We all have an idea about how we would like to react should we find ourselves amid an active shooting, but often in the moment itself how a person responds is entirely different.   

Recognizing that even remote rural communities such as Johnson County are not insulated from a mass shooting event, JCSD#1 recently completed a third year of intense, active shooter response training for students, staff, and local law enforcement.  

Joe Deedon, of Tac-One Consulting, led the week-long program.  Joe not only has a background in law enforcement but also has direct experience in responding to actual active shooter events.    He discusses the training and why these reality-based drills are appropriate for even the youngest students.

Find out more about the training, how the program and protocol have been developed, his views on arming teachers, and how to be prepared for the unthinkable.  

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