What’s Up With The Water?
Buffalo City Water
April 2024

We take for granted that we turn on the tap and have a reliable and plentiful source of potable water on demand.  But have you ever paused to consider what it takes to get it from the source to your glass?

307NetInfo took a ‘deep dive’ into business at the Water Treatment Plant.    Find out where our water comes from, and the journey it takes to get to your house.  What happens to it along the way?  How much is it treated?  Is that enough or too much?    Some people have commented on unpleasant ‘taste and odor’ from time to time.  If it tastes bad, is it bad to drink?   

Find out more in our conversation with City of Buffalo representatives responsible for providing this essential service.  

For more information:
Environmental Protection Agency

Wyoming Water Quality Standards 


Kevin Silbernagel, City of Buffalo Public Works Director, oversees Buffalo’s water supply.  You can reach him at:
Email: ksilbernagel@cityofbuffalowy.com
Phone: 307 684 5566

City Hall, 46 N Main St, Buffalo WY 82834