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Rural Healthcare District Board Meeting
May 13, 2024

By 307NetInfo | May 14, 2024
An ambulance with the word "ambulance" on it.

Download Open 0:15Approve Agenda 0:20Jake Wright, New Building 0:40View & Approve Minutes General Meeting 24:45View & Approve Treasurer’s Report 25:15 Buffalo Director’s Report 28:50– Sheridan Memorial Hospital: Inter-facility Transfer Agreement– AirMethods reimbursement for airport transports Kaycee Director’s Report 1:09:20– On-Call Pay Rate– Kaycee Payroll Budget Old BusinessBudget Fiscal Yr 2425 Approve Preliminary Budget 1: New Business (none)1:42:10  Public Comment (none) 1:42:15 Review Vouchers 1:42:30Adjourn 2:03:20

Reid Rasner for US Senate
Town Hall
May 11, 2024

By 307NetInfo | May 13, 2024
Reid Rasner, Town Hall in Buffalo, May 11th.

Download Reid Rasner is challenging incumbent John Barrasso for his Senate seat in Washington, DC, arguing that Senator Barrasso has failed to protect or champion Wyoming’s interests effectively. Since announcing his candidacy in August 2023, Rasner has been rallying support across the state. A self-proclaimed “disruptor,” Rasner is a businessman from Casper with limited political…

Spotlight On The BATS Bus
May 2024

By 307NetInfo | May 12, 2024
Buffalo Area Transit System logo and contact info.

Download You’ve probably seen them around?  Or maybe you’ve noticed the spanking new barn by the Senior Center on W Fetterman St?  The BATS Bus is a little-known gem of a service to Buffalo and surrounding area.   BATS is short for ‘Buffalo Area Transit System’ which perfectly describes the service.   Need a ride? …

Buffalo City Council Meeting
May 7 2024

By 307NetInfo | May 11, 2024
Buffalo City Council members at a meeting.

Download Call to Order 0:00Pledge of AllegianceApproval of AgendaApproval of April 16, 2024 Minutes New BusinessSaturdays in the Square, Dusty Hill 1:00JC Tourism Association, Jody Sauers & Toby Carrig 3:00Proclamation – Poppy Day May 10 12:00Proclamation – Mental Health Month May 2024 13:50Proclamation – Arbor Day May 8 23:20Resolution #1477 – Resolution determining the amount of taxes to be raised for…

County Commissioner Meeting
May 7 2024

By 307NetInfo | May 9, 2024
County commissioners meeting in session.

Download Call to Order 0:00Pledge of AllegianceApproval of April 16, 2024 Minutes General County BusinessForest Service Law Enforcement, Sheriff Odenbach 1:00County Commissioner Scholarships 3:10Catering Permits, Jackie Camino 4:00Problem Gambling Funds, Commissioners 7:15 Vouchers 15:40 Public CommentJC Tourism Association Jody Sauers, Toby Carrig 16:30Bob Perry, Kaycee Library Improvement Adjourn 20:45

City of Buffalo
Dept Head Meeting
May 7 2024

By 307NetInfo | May 9, 2024
City of Buffalo Department Head Meeting logo.

Download Open 0:00149 Stockyard Road Lease Agreement 0:15WYDOT 2024 Revised Agreement 1:20WAM Resolutions 3:50Bald Mountain Sanitation Lawn Care Agreement 6:00Major Capital Construction Projects 11:00– Street Lighting– Wells Project – Waste Water Plant / Water Meter Replacement – Sunset Ave Construction  Department Head Items Public Works, Kevin Silvernagel 16:45County Attorney, Dennis Kirven 19:50Municipal Clerk, Julie Silbernagel 43:30Police Chief, Sean…

Saturdays In The Square ’24
Who is Playing?
May 2024

By 307NetInfo | May 7, 2024

Download There’s truly nothing like basking in the warmth of a summer day and temporarily letting go of the world’s worries and immersing in the magic of live music. ‘Saturdays in the Square’, hosted at Crazy Woman Square in Buffalo, has garnered quite a following.  This year, three dates have been scheduled, promising an array…

Property Tax Refund
Do You Qualify?
April 26, 2024

By 307NetInfo | May 2, 2024
Carla Bishop asks if you qualify for a property tax refund.

Download The Property Tax Refund program has been expanded this year to include households with up to 145% percent of the Median Household Income for Johnson County ($107,184). The application period is open until June 3rd, and it’s worth checking if you are now eligible.   Applications should be made through the Johnson County Treasurer’s Office…

A New Focus for JCSD#1?
Impact on Staff, Students & Parents?
April 22, 2024

By 307NetInfo | April 30, 2024
Two arrows on road with text New Way and Old Way.

Download JCSD#1 is poised for a transformation if its new draft Strategic Plan is adopted, marking a pivotal shift in the district’s culture. Unlike the decade-old existing plan which heavily emphasized students, the new strategy broadens its focus to incorporate staff development and support. Strategic plans should serve as an essential tool for aligning all…

Open House about Richardson Park
Possible Sewer Extension
April 25th 2024

By 307NetInfo | April 26, 2024
A discussion about a sewer extension at Richardson Park.

Download Handout Richardson Park 4:25:24 Note:  If you received a copy of the handout at the meeting it was missing Page 2. Richardson Park is comprised of approximately 100 homes.  None are hooked to City sewer or water services.  County Planner Jim Waller is concerned that septic systems are aging out and the small lot sizes severely…

Pack Like A Pro
Back Country Horse Packing
April 25, 2024

By 307NetInfo | April 26, 2024
Horses with packs on a mountain trail.

Download Horse backpacking offers unique advantages for exploring the most secluded and serene areas of Wyoming.  On horseback, you can travel further, stay out longer without sacrificing necessities, and keep the wilderness pristine.   Many riders have come to deeply treasure the experience, perspective, and companionship of extended horseback adventures.   But horse packing is not as simple as…

JC Hospital Board Meeting
April 24, 2024

By 307NetInfo | April 25, 2024
JCHC Hospital Board Meeting logo.

Download Review and approve the prior month’s Board meeting minutes 0:00Approve Consent Agenda 0:45Chief of Staff Report 1:45Leadership Reports 7:00Leadership Development Presentation 20:00 Evaluation Update Discussion 58:30CEO Report 1:24:00JCHC Financial Performance 1:38:30 Credentialing 2:04:15Executive Session 2:08:30Adjourn