Rural Healthcare Board

Rural Healthcare
Board Meeting,
Oct 10 2022

October 12, 2022

Open 1:10Approve Agenda 3:00Review Vouchers 22:05Approve Minutes 23:30Treasurer’s Report 23:50Buffalo Director’s Report 27:35Kaycee Director’s Report. 32:00OLD BUSINESSStandby Policy 35:00Laptop Purchase for Buffalo EMS Training 36:25Bookkeeper/Administrative Update 41:15Building Committee Update 48:15RFP – Architects FYE 2022 Audit – Engagement Letter 52:05EXECUTIVE SESSION –  Out of…

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The back of an ambulance

Candidate Forum,
Oct 2022,
Rural Healthcare District

October 8, 2022

There are 6 candidates running for 3 seats.  They will join Marilyn Connolly and Marie Miller on the Board.   The candidates are Britni Camino, Tom (Tiddle) Camino, Mark Haines (incumbent), Jim Hicks (incumbent), Adam Michelena and Mark Schueler.    Tiddle…

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